Kelly Sing Song

The Last Blockbuster Video
Robert Pranzey featuring The Soul of Blockbuster Video

In this song, Robert Pranzey sings about his life in an abandoned Blockbuster Video store. He is joined by a surprise featured singer in the end.

Song: “The Last Blockbuster Video” by Robert Pranzey featuring The Soul of Blockbuster Video

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Counsel Me Grantie
Tond Mitchell

After a long hiatus, Kelly Sing Song is BACK! Regardless of what you see below about the origins of this song, the actual origins are that Kelly Hudson wrote this song to sing at her brother Grant’s graduation party for his masters in therapy. She showed up as a surprise dressed as Tond Mitchell and serenaded him in front of his many guests in his home in Austin, TX. The song has since been written into a Halloween Maude team sketch by James McCarthy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Chelsea and also performed live at Livia’s Castle at UCB East.

Enjoy this new favorite sung by our old favorite, Tond Mitchell. After a rough year and plenty of heartache, Tond started seeing a therapist. He enjoyed his first visit with Dr. Grant so much that he went straight home and wrote this song for him. He plans to play it during their next session.

Song: “Counsel Me Grantie” by Tond Mitchell

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My Son Saw My Penis
Cram Pohl

In this next song, Cram Pohl sings about a very important moment that a father and son share. Cram’s son has yet to respond to the matter, but Cram still holds out hope that they’ll have a big long “Penis Talk” soon. Cram likes to drive his sports car really fast on open country roads. He has never gotten a speeding ticket. And for the record, his penis is too short.

Song: “My Son Saw My Penis” by Cram Pohl

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Perfect Parking Spot
Robert Keller

In this next song, Robert Keller sings about one of his favorite things: The Hunt. You know what he’s talking about. One might assume that he’s talking about a sexy woman…

Song: “Perfect Parking Spot” by Robert Keller

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I Don't Wanna Dance
Tond Mitchell

In this next song, Tond Mitchell is BACK and he’s a little upset with his wife about something! But not too upset. 

Song: “I Don’t Wanna Dance” by Tond Mitchell

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My Son
Deb Corning

In this next song, a woman who lives alone with her child expresses her intense love for said child.

Song: “My Son” by Deb Corning

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Back at my Place
David Pickard

In this next song, a charismatic man in his mid-30s invites a beautiful woman he’s been seeing back to his apartment for sex… or so he hopes.

Song: “Back at my Place” by David Pickard

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To Be A Man
Tond Mitchell

Greetings to all that are reading this! I am Kelly Hudson and this is “Kelly Sing Song,” a place for Kelly to express herself musically and comedically. All characters and songs are written by Kelly Hudson with the help of “royalty free” accompaniment, and hopefully in the future, some original accompaniment from some trustworthy collaborators. Hopefully in the future, there will be some singing collaborators as well!

My first song is sung by a man named Tond Mitchell. He is an electrical engineer by day and a Scout leader by night (and weekends!). This song debuted on stage at The Clean Show and then was featured on the Left Handed Radio Podcast! It is a song Tond sang to a group of Boy Scouts one night before bedtime. Tond loves to write songs for his Scouts, so look forward to more in the future!

Song: “To Be A Man” by Tond Mitchell

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